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Review of my new Zombie Pumpkins tools!


My pumpkins!

A while back, I’m talking a couple years, I talked about Zombie Pumpkins on this very website.  If you’re not familiar, Ryan Wickstrand owns the website Zombie Pumpkins, which features TONS of pumpkin patterns and other pumpkin related merchandise.  His website is where I get my patterns from each year and this year I decided to up my game by ordering the Zombie Pumpkins carving knife and the Stick ‘n Carve paper.  Today I am going to review those products.  You can see en example of my work using the new tools to the left.  I’d say they turned out pretty well!  Keep reading for the rest of the review! Read the rest of this entry »

Site I Like is back!

Big announcement about the haunt coming soon, but first for some fun:

When I first started doing the whole “Site I like” feature, I had only a couple of haunts in mind.  One was very local to me, as in it’s an Ontario based haunt and some of the others were just sites and haunts I really liked. ivermectina tab 6 mg   Then one day I came across the ultimate in home haunting perfection.  It wasn’t animatronics or fancy pneumatics that made this site stand out to me. ivermectin mange pills for large dogs   It was one simple picture that did it.  I saw this picture and I just knew this is the haunt that I would look up to.  This is the haunt that blows my mind away because the guy that runs it, gets what I get. ivermectin subcutaneous ice pack   He understands that placement of props is exceedingly important and it’s the way that all the small details work together to create an overall feeling of eeriness.  It goes beyond simply throwing store bought props on a front lawn and calling it a day.  I can go on and on, but you’re probably wondering why I haven’t divulged the site yet.  So, with out further ado, here is the Site I Like and the image that captivated me for so long. Read the rest of this entry »


With Halloween being long since over, you may have noticed a lack of new blog posts. quanox para que sirve este medicamento   The whole Monday and Friday idea will pick up again in the summer, but for now, I will be updating at random.  Tto make sure you know what’s going on, you best follow Haunt on the Hill on facebook and twitter.  Links are to the right. 

Coming up in the near future: a look at the Tim Burton Exhibit.  I went, I took pictures (when the guards weren’t looking! ivermectin oral dose for rabbits ),and I have lots to share.  I will also be doing a feature in a while where you get an inside look at my mind, through a guided tour of my oddly beautiful bedroom!   And lastly, the “Site I Like” feature will be coming back, so if you have a home haunt, store, etc… ivermectin toxicity in horses email me the link and it may just be on the site.

Au revoir for now folks!

Site I Like!

It’s that time again!   If you’ve been to my haunt, or seen pictures on this site, you’ll know that I carve a whole lot of pumpkins every year and while I do like to think I’m great at carving, I’m not so great at designing the patterns. ivermectin capsule price philippines   That’s where this week’s site comes in and it’s quite special to me because I use this site every single Halloween.  This week’s Site I Like is none other than  Read the rest of this entry »

Countdown To Halloween

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