With Halloween being long since over, you may have noticed a lack of new blog posts. quanox para que sirve este medicamento   The whole Monday and Friday idea will pick up again in the summer, but for now, I will be updating at random.  Tto make sure you know what’s going on, you best follow Haunt on the Hill on facebook and twitter.  Links are to the right. 

Coming up in the near future: a look at the Tim Burton Exhibit.  I went, I took pictures (when the guards weren’t looking! ivermectin oral dose for rabbits ),and I have lots to share.  I will also be doing a feature in a while where you get an inside look at my mind, through a guided tour of my oddly beautiful bedroom!   And lastly, the “Site I Like” feature will be coming back, so if you have a home haunt, store, etc… ivermectin toxicity in horses email me the link and it may just be on the site.

Au revoir for now folks!

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Countdown To Halloween

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