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Post Mortem 2015!

setupI cannot move my legs.   That’s the quick version.

Oh, you want more than that?  Ok fine.

Halloween was a mix of things.  Mainly it was awesome, but there were some hiccups along the way.  Like when I accidentally knocked my Oogie Boogie pumpkin off its stand and he fell and broke.  Or when I lost the remote for one of the projectors temporarily.

On the plus side, it was incredible weather right up until around 9pm.  We managed to raise a lot of money for charity and everyone on Pendrith and the surrounding streets were thrilled with the display.  Thriller was also one of the new songs the Trio of Singing Pumpkins performed this year!

The main set-up was amazingly fast!  That’s what happens when Halloween is on a Saturday and you get people to help you.  I actually had time left to work on my costume properly!  As you can see, my husband and I were a Day of the Dead bride and groom.costumes  It was one of my favourite costumes.

This was the first year we actually rented a u-Haul to get everything from my parents’ house over to my sister’s house.  It made it so much easier than taking multiple trips in different cars.  And with help loading the van at the end of the night, we were able to pack it all in very quickly.  Although I don’t recommend setting up a haunt of this proportion in one day.  I may need several bottles of ibuprofen to survive now.

There will be pictures and video of the haunt eventually.  I’m not sure if they will be here on this site or on the Benevents site.  So, keep checking back.  I have all the footage, it’s simply a matter of gaining my sanity back before I can compile them into something nice.  Not to mention I do have to work from time to time so I can pay for my obsession!  Today I am simply trying to work up the energy to hit up the after Halloween sales, which is something I’ve always wanted to do, but could never get around to.

I would like to thank the following people:

Mike – Obviously this would not have gotten done without your help.  Thanks for everything, including driving the u-Haul.  Roger roger over and out!

Mom – My spider web guru.  Thanks for the webbing and thanks for sewing Mike’s cummerbund.

Pops – Thanks for loading and unloading and hanging Bubbles.

Marc – thanks for handing out candy and helping with the tear down.

Thanks to the rest of the family Haberer.  Thanks for letting me use your house.  Thanks to Rosie for being her usual awesome self.  Sam, you didn’t really do much this year and when we were running low on candy, you refused to let us steal from your haul, but I understand.  You worked hard walking all those blocks.  You earned those Kit Kats!

And a special thanks to all the wonderful and generous people of the Pendrith neighbourhood!  You are very appreciative and welcoming of Rebecca’s weird little sister and her strange hobbies.  And thanks to you, we raised a nice amount of money for SickKids Foundation.

Exhaustingly yours,

Rachel “Wednesday Friday Addams” Brown



image  Fear not! I have not fallen off the face of the earth, I have simply been busy with life. On that note, I wanted to bring to your attention my latest endeavor: Benevents. What is Benevents you ask?   It is a website that highlights all of the charity events I put on throughout the year. These events raise money for charity, namely the SickKids Foundation.

As usual, Halloween will be one of the featured events.   And while I may not be updating this website on a regular basis with info about this years’ haunt, I am constantly updating the Benevents website and Facebook page.

imageI will say this about Halloween however, this years haunt is called, “Panic on Pendrith”. And it is an entirely spider-themed spooktacular!

Again, you can find out more about this on the Benevents website and social media.

If you want to donate, but cannot make it to this event, you can also donate online through the Benevents website.

I will  definitely update this site closer to Halloween when I have time.

Yours Goughly,

Rachel “Wednesday Addams” Brown


Pics and vids!

This may be the quickest I’ve ever uploaded footage after Halloween. بطوله اليورو 2024 Usually it takes me months to get around to it! Go unlazy Rachel go! Not only do I have a gallery of pics, but I threw together a spiffy little video for your enjoyment. Pics and vids were taken by both Wreck-it-Mike and myself. Some on an iPhone and some on a nice camera.

On a side note: I would like to thank everyone who donated to The SickKids Foundation at Pumpkins on Pendrith. In case you were wondering (many people asked) Haunt on the Hill keeps none of the money collected. We count it and then we deposit that amount to the online donation page on this website, which is a SickKids run page that was set up years ago when we first started collecting donations. مباريات اليورو 2024 SickKids has always been my preferred charity of choice. بنك payeer

Here ya go:

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And the video:

Post Mortem 2014!

2014Another Halloween has come and gone.  Pictures will be up really soon along with video and this time I mean it because I actually have them in my possession for a change.  However, I am dead tired after all this, so it will have to wait till I’m a functional human being again.

Pumpkins on Pendrith was a huge success.  We had lots of compliments.  It was a totally different experience for me, as I used to simply add to an existing theme and this year I changed it up entirely.  There were no tombstone or coffins.  It wasn’t meant to scare.  It was meant to delight and it definitely did.  Children loved it, but more than anything, adults were blown away and that means so much to me.  Getting thanks for bringing this to their neighbourhood is one of the many reasons I do this insane thing every year.  I bring something to families that they may not otherwise see.  For one evening I bring others joy.  It is a wonderful feeling.  The aches afterwards are not though!



As always though, I like to thank people after Halloween is over and I have many to thank:

Mom – You are by far the most giving person I know and your help with Halloween was exceedingly appreciative.  I don’t even know what else to say about all you have done.  You are my hero.  You put others before yourself always and that is an amazing trait.  Plus, it was your idea to do a whole pumpkin theme.

Dad – You helped as well.  You gutted so many pumpkins!  You carried things and put up with me when I was freaking out over various things.  Year after year you help me.  I am very grateful.  I could not do this without the support you and mom give me!

Mike – You know you are with the right guy when he’s willing to shave off his beard because it doesn’t go with his costume!  (Please grow it back now).  You have always helped me with my insane hobby and I couldn’t be happier that I am slowly converting you into a haunter!  Thanks for everything Wreck-It-Mike!

Rosie – My six year old niece informed me that she feels the movie Frozen is overdone.  That right there earns you major points!  Instead of being some stupid princess, you were the most awesomest vampire I have ever seen.  And you were a wonderful candy hander-outter!

Sam – My 10 year old nephew.  For the first time, you carved a pumpkin all on your own and not just any pumpkin.  I challenged you with a stencil and you took it on.  You were patient and it turned out great for your first time!

I would also like to thank my brother-in-law Marc for not killing me for taking over his house!

Isaac – my 3 year old nephew.  You didn’t help with anything, but you were the best Dr. Octopus ever!

And lastly, the people of Pendrith and surrounding streets.  Thanks for your words of kindness and for donating to The SickKids Foundation.  I loved hearing your stories about what your kids loved from last year and I was surprised they remembered it.  You are one of the reasons I do this.  You keep me going.

With that I must go put my cell in a bag of rice after it landed in a ginormous puddle.  Did I mention it was freezing and raining all day?  Check back for video and pictures in the next little while.  I want to put together a nice video, but I plan on getting it does soon.


Exhaustingly yours,

Rachel “Wednesday Friday Addams” Brown

Countdown To Halloween

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