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Postcards 2011

If you live in the Forest Hill area, you may remember getting a postcard in the mail last year that advertised the haunt.  I know many people got them and the reminder to bring money to donate on them was more then useful! نتائج مباريات اليورو 2024   This year I have the pleasure of saying that I did not design the 2011 postcards myself.  They were done by an amazing graphic designer, who took care of both the Haunt on the Hill side and my sponsor, Bunch’s side. لعبة المافيا بالورق   My side is spookily scary and the Bunch side is oh so adorably awesome. موقع قنوات بي اوت كيو   Check them out here while you wait for the mail!

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Yay for free things! Yay for sponsors!

Hey everyone,

As Halloween draws near, I am more than excited to fill you in on all the sponsors for Haunt on the Hill 2011 – The Final Haunt

  • Second Cup will be AT THE HAUNT handing out hot chocolate to anyone who donates to the SickKids Foundation!  The donation pumpkin will be on the table, next to Second Cup.  Thanks to Effie and Alex from Second Cup!  Make sure you bring change.
  • Bunch is the official media sponsor for the haunt this year and will be helping in the design of and mailing of postcards to over 1000 Forest Hill area homes! كازينو 888 تسجيل الدخول   Thanks to Rebecca from Bunch! لعبة طاولة محبوسة اون لاين
  • And once again, Neal Brothers Foods will be our official food sponsor, donating bags of Halloween themed kettle corn.  Thanks to everyone over at Neal Brothers, especially Theresa! أفضل لعبة بوكر   Last year everyone raved about your cheese puffs!

Thanks to all the sponsors and for those who may still be interested in sponsoring the haunt, you can find out more by clicking here!

Sponsors! Yay!

As you may be aware, Haunt on the Hill relies on sponsors to help in our efforts to raise money for The SickKids Foundation.  Each year we look for new sponsors to aid in product donation, monetary donations, and media sponsor donations. ون كارد فوري  

 This year I am proud to announce that we have secured a media sponsor who will help with spreading the word of the Haunt through the design and mailing of 1000’s of postcards to houses in the Forest Hill area.  This sponsor is none other than Bunch! بطولات الليفر   Bunch is an awesome family oriented company and we couldn’t be more pleased to have them on board. cabaretclub   Check out their site and don’t forget that it’s never too late to become a sponsor and have your name blasted on our website, facebook, and twitter accounts.  To be a sponsor, just click the sponsors link in the nav bar and shoot us an email!

Post Mortem

Halloween 2010 has come and gone.  It felt like it happened so fast, yet the set-up seemed like it took ages.  I am writing this at 10:22pm after a grueling day on my feet, so bare with me here folks. 

This year saw some great things and some not so great.  The great, such as the addition of Hallowindow and some new props, will be shown in pictures and videos in the coming weeks, as I sift through everything. easthampton feed ivermectin   The opening/closing coffin was a wonderful success.  The electric chair was great, except for the handle that broke off VERY early in the evening, courtesy of one hyper guest. ivermectin dip used as a bug spray for the house  

On the not so great side, wind broke my donation reaper, so while he was still able to accept donations, he was no longer animated and his stand was in pieces.  The lights on my street are seriously messed up and would go on and off at will, which played games with my own lighting.  Overall though, I heard many great things from neighbours.  However, the debate to continue next year, which will be the 12th, is raging in my mind.  I’ll have to sleep on this one.

In the meantime, there are many people I would like to thank.

 – Neal Brother’s Foods: your support was much appreciated and I must say I heard nothing but good things about the taste of your cheese pops!
 – Mike Leinwand: You are always a help, although I often have to bribe you with candy.  Thanks Muke!
 – Mom and Pops: Once again you have proven to be wonderful parents who are VERY understanding!
 – Jesse: Thanks for lending me the projector oh wonderful brother! para q sirve el quanox gotas

And to all my neighbours who came and donated to The SickKids Foundation, I thank you very much!  And once again, a shout out to Jacob, for no reason other than I think you’re a cool kid, but my feelings towards your dog are undecided, as he growled at me.

Check back soon for pictures and video.  If I figure out how to transfer things from a PVR to a computer, I’ll also upload my City TV interview, as I was most hilarious in it, if I do say so myself.

Countdown To Halloween

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