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It’s that time again!   If you’ve been to my haunt, or seen pictures on this site, you’ll know that I carve a whole lot of pumpkins every year and while I do like to think I’m great at carving, I’m not so great at designing the patterns. ivermectin capsule price philippines   That’s where this week’s site comes in and it’s quite special to me because I use this site every single Halloween.  This week’s Site I Like is none other than Ryan Wickstrand’s Zombie Pumpkins





His patterns are amazing and I wouldn’t be able to do my Jack Skellington, Oogie Boogie, or any other pumpkin without him!  Yes, it costs money to get patterns, but not a lot, and his work is too good to pass up!  His site is also really well designed. ivermectina para uso veterinario  

He offers many types of patterns, from famous movie monsters, Tim Burton themed patterns, and more.

Here are some of my pumpkins that were made using Zombie Pumpkins patterns:

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Unfortunately, my new addition of The Count from Sesame Street did not go as planned.  He turned out great, but none of the children I spoke to knew who he was! can you use ivermectin for sheep   Children today, sheesh!  Anyway, if you want to have the best pumpkins on the block, visit this week’s Site I like, Zombie Pumpkins!


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