Wednesday Addams and a whole lot more!

Firstly, I would like to remind you that for all things Halloween, you should be following my new organization Benevents on Facebook or on the official website.

That being said, I have some exciting things to share and I had to share them here because I’m bursting at the seems with pleasure!

wednesday3.jpgAs many of you may be aware, for countless Halloweens I would dress up as my alter-ego Wednesday Friday Addams (Christina Ricci version).  It was my favourite Halloween costume and still is (but I no longer have long hair, so I’ve temporarily shelved the costume).  You may also be aware of Zombie Pumpkins, the website where I get all of my pumpkin carving patterns and tools.  I have written about the owner, Ryan Wickstrand, many times.  I have interviewed him and also reviewed some of his tools.  Each time I mention him on this site, or when I actually communicate with him via email or elsewhere, I beg for a Wednesday pattern and each time he never does it!  This has been going on for years and we would always joke about it.

Well, no more joking, for today I received this very email and the actual pattern:


zpemail zpwednesday

I could not be happier! Thank you Ryan Wickstrand! It may have taken a lot of nagging and many years of me being patient (which I suck at), but I finally have my pattern! You can have her too. Visit his website and get carving. This will be the 9th pumpkin being carved this year for Panic on Pendrith. I will possibly post pictures once done, but in case I forget, it will surely make it’s way onto the Benevents site after Halloween.

And now, here are some random shots of Panic on Pendrith in the early stages of being set-up:

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Your’s truly,

Rachel “Wednesday Friday Addams” Brown

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