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My buddy, R2D2

Hello folks and a Happy New Year to all my fellow Jews.

Last weekend was a VERY busy one here at the haunt!  I cleaned the entire dungeon a.k.a. my workshop a.k.a the garage that I am allowed to take over for a few months of the year.  I even used my new friend, my new Rigid wet/dry shop vac, who I’ve dubbed R2D2, to vacuum all the sawdust away! darmowe gry hazardowe jackpot   And you know how your mother always reminds you to wash behind your ears?  I even vacuumed the inside of my coffin!

I wasn’t just up to cleaning though. kajot automaty online   I also managed to finish my coffin (it actually opens and closes, even bangs!).  Now all it needs is a creepy hand hanging off the lid!  After all the years of failed coffins, I did it, I managed to make a nice wood lid that opens using a Monsterguts motor and some other fancy shmancy stuff.

I also worked on my new fog chiller tombstone, installing the inside mechanism!  I bloodied up some lettering, and just flat out worked my butt off. gry hazardowe darmowe

I don’t have a ton of pictures right now, but don’t worry, Halloween will be here soon and you can all come see it in person!  Keep checking back for more info and lots of exciting interviews with some of the haunt world’s finest!  I’ve got tons planned!

Rachel Brown

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Countdown To Halloween

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