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This has been a very productive weekend here at the haunt.  I have completed many props and have fixed some others, not to mention I did a major cleaning of the dungeon!  Not only was there a lot of construction going on, but I also had my blog in mind.

I am proud to announce that will have a new blog series that will pop up every now and then, entitled, “Site I Like”.  These posts will feature other sites I like, be it because of the sites’ design itself, or because of the awesome work of the home haunter, store, etc…  These are not just any random sites. ivermectin active ingredient   They are sites that I find particularly awesome. onde comprar ivermectina no rio de janeiro   Feel free to send me a link if you think of a site I might just like.

Here is the first ever Site I Like:


As the text under Scott’s logo implies, this guy is full of creativity and messy hands.  He is a master of mache.  Every one of his props is made from papier mache.  It is unbelievable!  I mean, I’ve done papier mache in elementary school art classes, but nothing compares to his work.  Check out these pictures and see for yourself:

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Not only does Scott create things for his own haunt, but he has an etsy shop where you can buy various creations.  He also has a large following on his facebook page.

Stolloween, you are this week’s and the first ever, Site I Like!

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