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Post Mortem!


This picture does not do it justice! It looked neater than this and you can’t see Hallowindow in this one. High res pics to come!

In haunts past, I would sometimes write this follow-up the night of Halloween.  How I had the energy to do that is beyond me!  Two years ago I decided to do Haunt on the Hill for the last time.  It was a sad moment, but it was time.  Last year I spent Halloween in Orlando, which was fun, but weird, as I was not doing the haunt and I felt strange.  This year I stepped back into the haunt game in a different way.  I did a mini-haunt at my sister’s house.  All the years I ran Haunt on the Hill, people, my sister included, would suggest I do it at her house, as she lives in a much younger neighbourhood with tons of children.  I don’t think she knew what she was getting herself into when she made this suggestion! Read the rest of this entry »

Happy Halloween 2013!


Greetings foolish mortals!  Firstly, a reminder that while Haunt on the Hill is no longer in existence (for now), I am doing a mini-haunt at my sister’s house near Dupont and Ossington.  I would also like to say Happy Halloween to all of you on this most glorious of holidays!  Whether you run a haunt of your own, or just plan on taking your kids to one, let the candy be plentiful and may the rain please leave us all alone!

Normally, this is where I post a quote from my all-time favourite Halloween movie, The Nightmare Before Christmas, but I have decided to slightly change it up this year.  Did you know that the movie is roughly based on a poem Tim Burton created?  Well now you do and here is a cool video for you to watch:

Happy Halloween from Haunt on the Hill!

Have a spooktacular night!

Your’s eerily,

Rachel “Wednesday Friday Addams” Brown

Review of my new Zombie Pumpkins tools!


My pumpkins!

A while back, I’m talking a couple years, I talked about Zombie Pumpkins on this very website.  If you’re not familiar, Ryan Wickstrand owns the website Zombie Pumpkins, which features TONS of pumpkin patterns and other pumpkin related merchandise.  His website is where I get my patterns from each year and this year I decided to up my game by ordering the Zombie Pumpkins carving knife and the Stick ‘n Carve paper.  Today I am going to review those products.  You can see en example of my work using the new tools to the left.  I’d say they turned out pretty well!  Keep reading for the rest of the review! Read the rest of this entry »

Candy Fun!


I wanted to share this bit of awesomeness with you (and by you I mean whomever still visits this site.  I love all two of you!)  Jokes aside, I was at Shopper’s Drugmart the other day when I saw these!  Instead of Coffee Crisp and Smarties, Nestle has re-branded their classic chocolates for Halloween; the first being Coffin Crisp and the second Scaries.  They also had Scaeros instead of Aeros.  For my stateside friends, these are all chocolates that are available in Canada.  I love the Halloween makeovers!  I bought a bag of each for my eldest niece and nephew.  I was like a kid in a candy store!  Well, the candy aisle in the drugstore anyway!  Go find them, buy them, eat them, and enjoy!

And if you haven’t already done so, read last weeks blog post about the mini-haunt I’m doing this year at a new location!


Countdown To Halloween

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