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This picture does not do it justice! It looked neater than this and you can’t see Hallowindow in this one. High res pics to come!

In haunts past, I would sometimes write this follow-up the night of Halloween.  How I had the energy to do that is beyond me!  Two years ago I decided to do Haunt on the Hill for the last time.  It was a sad moment, but it was time.  Last year I spent Halloween in Orlando, which was fun, but weird, as I was not doing the haunt and I felt strange.  This year I stepped back into the haunt game in a different way.  I did a mini-haunt at my sister’s house.  All the years I ran Haunt on the Hill, people, my sister included, would suggest I do it at her house, as she lives in a much younger neighbourhood with tons of children.  I don’t think she knew what she was getting herself into when she made this suggestion!

The Saturday before Halloween, I loaded up my fiance’s SUV as well as my mother’s smaller car with tombstones, a coffin, a fog machine, lights, extension chords, skeletons, and so on.  We then went to my sister’s house, where we stored things in her basement.  I’m not sure my brother-in-law was thrilled!  And I can say my 5 year old niece didn’t totally get the big picture.  Her brother (9 years old) did and even asked that I bring specific props.  I listened and brought everything he asked for, including my skeleton dog, Boney Barney!

On Thursday October 31st, I woke up, showered, and headed to their house while they were all out at work and school and got to setting up the mini-haunt.  Why on earth I thought it would be a good idea to not only set the whole thing up in one day, but also take it all down that night, I don’t know!  I must have been crazy!  I mean it worked, with some minor hiccups, but by the end I could not move and required assistance walking up the stairs and getting into bed! como devo tomar o ivermectina de 6mg   Even now, the day after, I am lying on the couch with a heating pad!  However, I really enjoyed telling my niece that when she left for school that morning, her house would look normal, but when she would get home, it would be transformed into scariness.  The look on her face!  I was also pleasantly surprised to meet my sister’s boss and find out that he lives a street over from me and would visit Haunt on the Hill every year with his children!  Small world!

There were a few issues along the way, but all got sorted out and the end result was pretty amazing for one day’s work.  People loved the haunt!  It was a very different crowd.  A lot of younger children were too scared to come get candy and I’m pretty sure I made one young child cry, which I feel bad about!  Later that night, my sister and her daughter were at a Halloween party on a nearby street and all the guests were talking about “this amazing house on Pendrith Street!”  My sister had to tell them it was her house!

Unfortunately, the main issue was the weather.  It rained on and off.  We were lucky enough to get a long break during set-up, but there were some points where it was coming down pretty heavily and as such, the photographs that my fiance took on his DSLR camera did not all turn out.  I only have a small handful of pictures and will post them in the near future.  I did take video, but on my sister’s iPhone, so the quality may not be great and I have to wait to get the video from her before I can share it here.

I would as always like to thank a few people who were most helpful:

Mike – You never fail me.  You ran around doing whatever I asked of you.  You helped drive things to my sister’s and back to my house.  You dressed up as Gru when I insisted you dress up as something!  You also helped hand out candy and take pictures in the rain!  I could not have done this without you and your Terrainasaurus Rex (That’s what I named his car – a GMC Terrain)

Dad – Once again you put up with me.  I may have lost my cool when at the last minute my fog machine stopped working properly, but you helped me problem solve!  You also helped with the tear down.  You were a big help all afternoon and night!

Mom – You made it earlier than expected and helped me with my costume.  You handed out candy for a large part of the night!  You drove to my brother’s house when he accidentally took Mike’s camera home with him!  And overall you have been a major support in my Halloween life and my real life!

I would also like to thank my nieces and nephews. can 2nd dose of ivermectin 5 days after 1st dose   You guys are the reason I chose to do this haunt this year.  I wanted you to experience Halloween to the extreme.  I was happy to hear that you had been telling your friends at school to expect something scary at your house!  And my youngest nephew, you are truly someone who gets what Halloween is about, even though you sort of don’t.  What I mean is you love “scary things” and chose on your own to be a scary (but cute) monster on Halloween night.  You enjoy looking in my bedroom closet at my collection of skeletons (yes I have skeletons in my closet).  My youngest niece, you are a newborn and had no idea what was going on, but you were cute in your monster costume as well!

Lastly, I would also like to thank the people who reside in my sister’s neighbourhood.  Your compliments were more than welcome!  You made it a fun night!

As for next year, I don’t think I’ll be doing a haunt.  It’s much too exhausting to do this all in one day, mostly on my own (that is until Mike and my parents got there).  I may drive around checking out some of the other amazing haunts in this city. mite medicine for rats ivermectin drops 1%   Fear not though, one day I will own a house with a giant lawn and will revive Haunt on the Hill (or some other name).  And in fact, Mike said he would organize my haunt to make it much more efficient, which I took to mean that I am slowly converting him into a haunter like me!  What fun it will be to have a partner in crime; someone I don’t have to force to help me, but actually gets into it all on his own!  This may also mean a lot of Excel spreadsheets in my future (he really likes those!)

That’s it for now.  I’m going to sleep off the after Halloween depression!  Check back for a few pictures and maybe that video in the next while.


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