The Worst in Candy

As a haunter, I often debate about what candy to hand out on Halloween night.  It often ends up being the same stuff that everyone gets because of the amount of children that frequent the haunt.  I would love to hand out more original candy or the full-size chocolate bars, but it is just too costly.

What got me thinking about candy was a post I came about on the 11 Points website, titled, “11 Worst Things You Can Get Trick-Or-Treating“.  To summarize, although the site goes into greater detail, there’s a bunch of the obvious stuff (apples and the like), but at number four is Dubble Bubble.  This is the only thing on the list that I truly disagree with.  As much as that small piece of rock solid pink gum is hard to chew and almost immediately looses its flavour, I always loved Dubble Bubble, even to this day!  By the way, number one on 11 Point’s list was Milk Duds.  I’ve never received Milk Duds on Halloween, nor have I ever even tried a Milk Dud, but the name Dud does not inspire confidence.

As for the razor blade in the apple story that we all heard as kids, has a full report here.

Now I open this up for debate.  What in your mind is the absolute worst candy to get on Halloween night?  What is the best?  In my neighbourhood, I can recall a time when one house used to hand out cans of Coke.  Not anymore though.  And now all the candy we buy is nut free for the allergic kids.  Sorry Reece’s Pieces, I know kids loved you! 

Oh and gross or awesome?  This Blood Bag candy is $5.99 per dozen on Oriental Trading.

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  • Mike:

    As a self proclaimed candy critic, I think the worst candy to get would have to be raisins. Although, I did enjoy getting raisins as a kid because I could use them to throw at other kids, that was always fun.

    Also on the list of least favorites:

    1. Chips – I don’t dislike chips but my house always had regular size chip bags so I’d rather get something on Halloween that I didn’t already have.

    2. Those hard pieces of caramel candy – Remember these? They were just a rock of caramel.

    Actually I can’t think of any other candy I didn’t like getting so here is a list of my favorites:

    1. Nerds
    2. Lollipops
    3. Lifesavers
    4. Dubble Bubble
    5. Gumballs (any brand)
    6. Chocolate (any brand)

    Rachel, can we go shopping for candy tonight?

  • Patrick:

    Hmmm Worse candy to recieve at Halloween
    – those puffed marshmallow things
    – Candy Corn (Does anyone actually like this )
    – Not even sure what it was called but it was like a hard taffy but it tasted like coffee

  • The hard caramel candy is what you’d expect your grandma to have in her purse!

  • Miss B:

    The worst for me was always peppermint! Why would you give a kid peppermints????

    My favorite (sorry Patrick) is candy corn. I absolutely LOVE candy corn.

    For awhile I didn’t like Butterfingers so I would give those to my brother. Nobody seemed to like the Mary Janes and those candies wrapped in the orange and black wrappers, but I did. My brother and sister would give those to me and I’d give them the gum and Butterfingers. My brother never liked licorice so I’d get those too.

  • Dum dum pops and plain flat lollipops. Any candy a kid can get at the bank drive-through is not Halloween-worthy.

  • Ben:

    I’m dont know what these thing are called (or if they even have a name) I will describe them and hope someone knows what im talking about. Around Halloween time I start seeing a taffy life candy that comes in black or orange wrappers and is supposed to be peanut butter flavored… Now I love peanut butter, so it says a lot that I HATE these things lol.. if you ever get any actual peanut butter that tastes like this theres something very wrong with it.. the flavor reminds me of the taste you get in your mouth when you have a sinus infection.

    Good n Plentys- kind of like jelly beans but gross. kind of like Mike &Ikes but gross. So I guess if you mix 1 part jelly beans, 1 part Mike&Ikes and 2 parts gross, you get Good N Plentys.

  • Michelle:

    I know some will disagree but…PRETZELS! I always give out little bags of candy with different stuff. A thing of poprocks..charms blowpops..cowtails..and like 2 snack size candy bars. And have to agree with the peppermints…lol

  • any of those waxy candies, like those wax lips and whatnot. nasty. i do however LOVE those pnut butter candies in the orange and black wrappers- pnut butter kisses is what theyre called. the dollar store has their candy out now, think i’ll go get some…..

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