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I feel as though I owe all two of you that visit this site an apology. ivermectina preț   I said I would have some new updates last Monday, and nothing.  To be honest, it was a long weekend here and all day Monday I kept thinking it was Sunday.  My bad!  Anyway, here I am, back and slightly better than ever because I have exciting news!

Haunt on the Hill has it’s first ever Media Sponsor for the 2010 season, ICD Insurance Brokers.  If you need home or auto insurance, contact Mike Leinwand

What is a media sponsor?  Well, they are a company or person who helps spread the word of the haunt in one form or another.  Starting this year and every year from now on, Haunt on the Hill will be sending out postcards to everyone in the haunt’s postal code.  That’s over 1000 houses!  Read them, collect them, use them to scoop up your dog’s poo!  No scratch that last one!  The postcards, aside from being a cool design, will have the basic details you need to know. ivermectin tablets chew or swallow   Times of the haunt, location, and a helpful reminder to bring money for charity! ivermectin versus metronidazole   And they wouldn’t be possible without the help of our media sponsor!  Thanks Mike and ICD Insurance!

Now here is the design so far for this year.  What do you think?  Good?  Bad?  Changes?  Also, a big thanks to my buddy Steve from Phantom FX for helping with some of the design work!

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Check back for more updates on the haunt and be sure to stop by Monday when I look at the worst of candy!


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