Ah the smell of lumber and BIG NEWS!

As you may recall, with the recent set up of my new compound mitre saw, I am heading into new territory, by which I mean I am leaning more into carpentry work.  Now I haven’t abandoned my favourite pink insulation foam, which is a tombstone maker’s best friend, but wood is just more durable.  With that being said, I have begun work extra early this year on a new jail cell.  To the naked eye you might wonder what was wrong with last years’ model.  Well, truth be told, it was ready to topple over at any moment, but that will be no more!  My new jail cell will be super duper sturdy and not only that, but it will be on a hinge system that will allow me to fold it shut in the off-season for easier storage.  How cool is that!!!  Anyway, just wanted to let you all know that I have been hard at work. zaklady bukmacherskie fortuna

 And now for the big news:

So big that I used capital letters!  Yours truly was once just a mere home haunter spiking tombstones to my front lawn and while I love Haunt on the Hill and have every intention of keeping it going till death do us part, or something like that, I must announce that I am now officially a PRO HAUNTER!  I recently got a job at a big theme park haunt.  I won’t mention the name, but if you live in Ontario, you can probably figure it out.  My official title bestowed upon me by the haunt is “Haunt Technician”, but to dumb it down I basically will be doing scenic painting and prop design! gry hazardowe owocowki za darmo   How cool is that!!!!!!!!!  And yes it is so cool that it is worthy of that many exclamation marks.  I mean I get paid to do what I love! gry hazardowe ultra hot deluxe    The only downside is the uniform.  The pants look like I was playing dress-up in daddy’s closet, that is if my dad was half mechanic, half MC Hammer.
Thanks for the support through all the years, you kept me going and that is what got me this awesome opportunity!Rachel “Pro Haunter” Brown

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