40 days left and a sneaky peeky!

With only 40 days left until Halloween, I have been exceedingly busy in the dungeon creating new new things and fixing some old.  In a minute I will give you a look at some of these things, but first, some site news.

In the next little while, you can expect more updates on the haunt, but there will also be a bunch of awesome interviews with others in the haunt industry!  I can’t say who just yet, but you won’t wanna miss all this! كيف تلعب لعبه

Now on to the goods!  As my neighbours all know, I have a countdown sign that goes outside my house, counting down all 31 days until Halloween.  This year I spruced it all up with a fresh coat of paint and a coat of flat polyurethane.  To make it even greater though, I added the addition of the URL bar.  To see what I mean, check out the pics below. اشتراك يورو 2022

You’ve seen this year’s new tombstone in the early stages, but now it has been aged and coated with poly.  I also assembled the inside mechanism for the fog chiller that will hide inside the base of the stone.  Now all it needs is some fake moss adorning it and it’ll be done. ملاعب اليورو 2023

Here are the pictures so far:

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