2 updates for the price of one!

Long time no talk.  I bet you thought that the annual list of new props would never come, but you would be wrong!  The list will be coming in a post right after this one.  First though, I would like to say that a lot of stuff has been going on in my life, both haunt wise and personally. 

 After my stint as a pro haunter at a big theme park, I am picking up the title again as I head to new haunting grounds where I will be working as a prop maker and set designer.  I will fill you in on this later.

As for my own haunt, I started early this year, like way early. مسابقات وجوائز مالية حقيقية 2022   Like so early that even my mailman said, “I’m not ready for Halloween!  Summer  isn’t over yet!”  It had to be done though because my list was soooo big and time consuming that I had to get a head start.  So many things are already done and awaiting their one night of glory and man am I glad that I now have a compound miter saw!  Oh and I’m also glad to say that I still have my arms intact, so sucks to you parents of mine who were convinced I would loose a limb to The Beast! قوانين لعبة اونو   My wonderful old man offered me the garage as my own personal workshop for the entirety of the summer and it is now full of props and saw dust! وين كارد

Oh and in other news, I got engaged in June, but you know, that’s not nearly as exciting as coffins and tombstones!!!  Just kidding Mike! (My fiance).

Now, scroll up for the list!


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