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This is a brief update on both the haunt and my trip to the Midwest Haunter’s Convention.

I shall start with the haunt:
I have been busy working on my haunt every chance I get.  After finishing the new jail cell, I built 4 new pumpkin columns, and have been hard at work on improving the opening/closing coffin. ماهي لعبة الروليت   The list of new props for 2009 will eventually be posted to the site, but I just wanted to let you know that I have begun working earlier then ever and have some AMAZING new things planned! العاب تجيب فلوس   I can’t mention everything because that would ruin the surprise, but if all goes according to plan, my newest prop will be somewhat interactive!  Keep checking back for more updates on the haunt.

MHC was quite possibly the weirdest experience of my life.  I’m still not sure who was scarier, the freaks in scary clown costumes, or the freaky teenagers staying at the same hotel for a National Gaming League competition.  Oh the horror!  Oh the amount of acne!  Anyhow, despite being a strange trip, I had fun and met a lot of cool people, including several Canadians.

I also managed to pick up a few new items for the haunt, but as you know, I like to build mostly everything myself, so the majoity of what I purchased were just tools.  I picked up a Hot Wire Foam Factory knife, which cuts through foam like butter.  I also picked up a jug of Froggy’s Fog, the best fog fluid on the market.  Lastly, I bought a copy of my friend, Jerry Vayne’s, AKA The Haunt Rocker’s, latest album.

I did however get one actual prop and didn’t have to pay anything for it, as I won it in a raffle! استراتيجية بينجو   Here is Horatio:
He has a motor inside that makes his whole head shake and his mouth open and close.

MHC was definitely something and I’m glad I went.  Thanks to Kathy and Barry and the rest of the MHC people for putting on a great show!


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