You must see Coraline!


I don’t normally write about non-haunt related things, but I felt it was my duty to inform you that if you have yet to see Coraline, you best rush your butt to your nearest theater!  I saw Coraline in 3D a while back and it was absolutely my favourite movie of late. بايير   While too scary for the younger kids, big kids like me (I’m an immature 26) will love it! لعبه طاوله   Henry Sellick finally gets his dues after the whole Nightmare fiasco.

See everyone associates the Nightmare Before Christmas (my all-time fave movie) with the great Tim Burton, which is reasonable because it is his name on all the movie posters, DVD’s etc…  Truth be told, while it was his story and vision, it was Mr. Selick who actually brought it to life and Burton was hardly even on set for the majority of the filming.

 In Coraline, he takes Neil Gaiman’s eerie story of a girl and her “other mother”, and makes it fantastic and what’s best is that he doesn’t overuse the 3d factor.  It is subtely amazing.

 In conclusion, as I feel this post is long enough, go see Coraline and see it now, or else you are nothing to me! yyy online5   I mean it!  I will never speak to you ever again times infinity!  (See, I told you I was immature).

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  • The Nightmare Before Christmas is my favorite movie too. : ) I’m hoping to check out Coraline next weekend or maybe tomorrow? I can’t wait!

  • Lorriedel:

    …Hi, Rachel! We miss you at Ghost Droppings.
    …I loved Caraline, too! It was visually stimulating and so creepy. It took
    f-o-r-e-v-e-r for the movie to finally come out, but it was definately worth the wait.

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