The list!

Finally, the moment you all have been waiting for is here!  Without further ado I present to you the list of new props for Halloween 2008:

  • New countdown sign: in the past my sign has been made out of foam, which was fine at first, but it kept falling over and chipping.  My new sign will be carved out of wood along with the numbers, which will now countdown all 31 days! دوري كرة القدم للسيدات السعودية
  • The prison cell will be re-worked to be made more stable, along with a few other upgrades to the mad lab! اسماء العاب الكازينو
  • Many of the windows on the house will be covered in hand carved planks to make the house have that abandoned look!
  • Obviously there will be new tombstones because you can never have enough homemade tombstones!
  • Annabelle’s crypt: In the past Annabelle the Ghastly Ghost has resided over the skies of the graveyard, but now she’s purchasing some new real estate in the form of a giant crypt, assuming I can pull this one off without it collapsing on my head!
  • Bat army: there will be a ton of bats hanging around the skies over my driveway this year, just waiting to feast on your blood! هايبر باي
  • New creatures will also be haunting the graveyard in the least expected places!

Now I don’t want to give everything away so you’ll just have to come by on Halloween night to see it all, but I can definitely say that there will be some big surprises in store!  There will also be some big announcements coming up on this site, so check back soon for more info!

Your friendly neighbourhood weirdo,
Rachel Brown

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Countdown To Halloween

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