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Hello all.  Your friendly neighbourhood haunter here with exciting news!  Every Monday and Friday are new content days here at the site.  Come back on these days to read up on  the latest and greatest. ليونيل   If you have any ideas of things you would like to hear about, be it Haunt on the Hill, another great home haunt, products, stores, etc… let me know and I’ll look into it.

Next on the taking care of business end, I would like to inform you all that as of this past June 28th, I became officially one year closer to death and while I have never been certain why we celebrate such a ridiculous thing, I do partake in the presents that come along with it. لعبه عشره كوتشينه    Therefore I  thought you should all know that while I loved the dress my mom bought me, I loved the Ryobi circular saw even more!  Thanks to my parents for throwing caution to the wind and buying me power tools!  I also have a new shop vac, but more on that later. لعبة identical

And now, without further ado, here is the list!

The list of new props for Halloween 2010:

  • Window Boards – Making some faux wood planks to board up one of the larger windows of the house and a special frame to attach them to for easy hanging.
  • Coffin lid attempt number XXXVIII – After years and years of the opening/closing coffin malfunctioning right before Halloween, I am once and for all solving the problem with a new motor from Monsterguts and a wood lid!
  • Monument – For this year’s new tombstone, I’m making my biggest one yet and to complete it, the base will now be housing for a fog machine, so it’s out of sight, with a fog chiller inside the base of the stone as well, for low lying fog.
  • New fence sections – Planning to replace some of the older warn out sections, as well as build a couple new ones, maybe add a gate of sorts.
  • Columns part deux – Going to revamp last year’s columns with a twist!
  • Something surprising in the 2nd story window – What could it be? It is actually numerous somethings and you will have to wait and see! I assure you, this is worth the wait!

As mentioned, I am working on a new tombstone and actually have a lot of it done already, so here are some pics:

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