The 2007 list is finally here!

Better late then never, right?  Without further ado, I present the new props list for Halloween 2007:

  • Out with the old and in with the slightly new: I have decided that last years opening coffin did not work to my satisfaction and so this year I have built my first wooden coffin that will open and close on its own, complete with a special friend inside! (My nephew calls him Herman).
  • Last years attempt at re-doing the moving grim reaper were unsuccessful as he decided not to move at the last minute, and so this year I will be creating the moving grave digger instead.  Same idea, but much better done and way creepier! باريس سان جيرمان التأسيس
  • Two new homemade tombstones, as usual, but one will be my biggest tombstone yet.
  • Last years dead zombie skeleton is getting a make over.  He’ll be re-done with a glowing protruding brain and some rotting flesh…mmm yummy!
  • I will also be adding more numbers to the countdown sign, which will now start at 20 days left, so drive by my house for your daily dose of Halloween and in a few years I should be up to the 31 days of Halloween.

And as per usual, there is plenty more to see.  I have been hitting up every Halloween store I can find and hiding from my credit card bill.  Like I always say, some of this stuff may not get done, some of it will change, and new ideas will pop into my head at the last minute. أجويرو   So, if you need something to do on Halloween night, come check out the Haunt! فريق روما

 – Rachel “Wednesday” Adams

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