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sickkidsFirstly, I have decided to bring the donation pumpkin along this year, so please bring whatever spare change you have to donate to The SickKids foundation.  You can also donate online through my site.  The link is in the menu bar.

As you are well aware if you read my last post, this year’s theme for my display at my sister’s house is, “Pumpkins on Pendrith”.  I wasn’t going to give you any previews because I wanted to save everything for Halloween, but many of the people who visit this site won’t actually make it on Halloween.  So, with that I’m leaking two videos.  Neither of these were taken at my sister’s house mind you, so they will look different once they are properly set up.


The pumpkins waiting to be transported to my sister’s house.  Some were carved by me, some by family members.  Some are still covered in bags.  This is the best I could film before my nephew tried to jump in my way.  10 year olds!  Sheesh!

The newest addition to my foray into projection haunting: The Trio of singing Pumpkins!  They will be performing more than one song.  I suggest you watch till the end, as a special King makes an appearance.  And in case you were wondering, (you probably weren’t) I named them Stretch. Fatso, and Stinky after the ghosts from Casper!  I should also note that I cannot take credit for the animations.  They came from The Singing Pumpkin website.

Enjoy and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me using the contact form on this website.

Rachel Brown
AKA The Pumpkin Queen

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