Post Mortem ’08

Halloween is over for another year.  It’s sad!  Pumpkins line the streets smashed to pieces.  Christmas is everywhere.  Rachel’s wallet weeps for the loss of money that was once there. zakłady sportowe i bukmacherskie kontra multilotek arkadiusz kwiatkowski   However, I must say that this Halloween was a good one.  There were a ton of kids out this year!  The display looked great and many things that usually frustrate me at the last minute, actually came together quite easily and I managed not to stain my hands with fake blood while setting up the bleeding tombstone for once! zaklady bukmacherskie online fortuna   Bubbles the Vicious Spider was a hit in his new home!  Boney Barney and his haunted doghouse scared many a canine! automaty online na prawdziwe pieniadze opinie   Harry Zontle was noticed as this years new stone.  You think people wouldn’t notice what differs from year to year, but they really do!

I would just like to take a moment to thank everyone that helped make this year such a success:
Mom and Dad – Who would climb ladders if it were not for you!
Mike – Rock speakers and Rock Lobsters!
Joe, Eli, Zack, and Dean – Your attempts at scaring the kiddies is most humorous!
Debbie – Your years of picture taking are much appreciated!
And last but not least, Spider Sam – the best 4 year old candy hander-outer this town has ever seen!
I would also like to thank all my neighbours for their continued support and to those who donated to Sick Kids Hospital!Check out the site in the next coming weeks for pictures and video!  I will also be uploading the footage from Global Morning News and the 11:00 news!  In the meantime, here is an article about me on the Torontoist website: click here

Have a happy rest of the year and be prepared because you never know what I will have planned for Halloween 2009!  Mwahahahahahahahaha!  (It’s on a Saturday baby!)


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  • Grim:

    Sounds like we are a bit alike in that I was already planning for 2009 on November 1st. (Before that actually!) Love your haunt, looks great! Check mine out sometime when you get a chance, we are in our third year of haunting.

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