For most of you Halloween is over and not a thought in your mind.  I however am still in the exceedingly long process of cleaning up and while doing so, I am beefing up some props that could use improvements. yyy online5   I noticed with the strong winds this year that my MANY tombstones were having trouble staying upright, so I took the opportunity to remedy this situation before storing them away for the year.

I also have a major new idea for the haunt next Halloween.  This year the electric chair was a hit and I’m sure my newest idea will be just as big if not bigger. العاب اونلاين للايفون   It will at least be higher (hint hint) and involve windows. 

You’re probably wondering if I have a life outside of Halloween and the long and the short of it is yes and no.  Next month I am moving with my fiance to our new place (I’ll still be haunting the hills though). موقع paypal   I am also in the midst of developing a top secret iPhone app, which I can’t discuss right now, but it is not Halloween related.  On the job front though, I have none at the moment.  It’s not something I’m happy about, but I figure you never know who will read this blog, so if you’re looking for someone who is incredibly creative, can use power tools, build things, paint, writes really well, great with kids, good with video work, etc…  here I am.  I am ready to be a slave to the man, as long as you understand that I require the 31st of October off! 

And a reminder that pics and video of the Haunt will be up soon.

Yours truly,
Rachel Brown

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