Halloween in April?

Ok not really, but I have begun early this year in terms of thinking of new things to build for Halloween 08. لعبة الشيش اون لاين   While most of my fellow Jews are tossing bread in the trash, as they prepare for Passover, I’m busy planning twisted tombstones and crypts!  Stay tuned for more info on some of these things!

 And on another note, my sister is due to give birth to my niece in a week and as you know, I love to warp the minds of youngins at an early age.  I also like to give them appropriate names. تحميل لعبة الطاولة المحبوسة للكمبيوتر   My nephew Sam was The Sampire, Samisaurus, etc… So, what do you think goes with Rosie?  Anyway, welcome to the world Rose Victoria Haberer!  I will always have gum in my purse for you! إدين هازارد سامي هازارد

 – Auntie Rachel Brown

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Countdown To Halloween

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