Coffin Sneak Peak!

Hallowindow in action!

Today is full of greatness!  Or weirdness, either way it’s a good day at the haunt!  First I thought you should know that there are two more parts in my series on projection haunting still to come!  The first was last Friday’s interview with Hallowindow, the second will be on Monday when we take a look at The Bates Haunt and lastly, next Friday we talk to Andrew Grant of Scaremation.  So much projectiony goodness!

Now what’s been going on with Haunt on the Hill you ask?  You didn’t ask?  Well I’m telling you anyway!  I’ve been hard at work on props for this coming Halloween and have decided that you deserve a sneak peak at one that I am especially proud of. 

As any past visitor to the haunt can attest, we have never had an opening/closing coffin, although we have attempted to for the past five or so years.  Something always seemed to go wrong or break at the last minute, but I did not give up!  I got my hands on a MonsterGuts motor and set to work on the coffin.  It’s not done yet, some tinkering still needs doing and a good ole monster hand needs to be fabricated and attached, but otherwise, it’s working like a charm. 

Here is a video I took using my iPhone:

I’ll have more sneak peaks on props in the works over the next little while,  so keep checking back.  In the meantime, I must remind you all that I am looking for sponsors to help raise money for charity.  If you know of a company or business that would like to help out, please use the contact form on this site to get in touch with me.  Also, if you have a website, store, product, home haunt, etc… that you would like me to discuss on this site, drop me a line and we’ll talk.  I’ve already been receiving lots of emails from people, but would love to hear more from my fellow haunters!

Fangs for everything,

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