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Happy Halloween 2016!

Happy Halloween from Haunt on the Hill and Panic on Pendrith!   You can find out more about this years display at  but so you know the display is at 153 Pendrith Street, which is near Bloor and Ossington.
Have a spooky Halloween!  Stay safe and get lots of cavities or something like that! ويسترن يونيون الكويت اون لاين
I look forward to seeing some of you at Panic on Pendrith this evening (I will be Lydia Deetz and my husband will be Beetlejuice).  Come say hi!
Once again, enjoy this video of the poem that The Nightmare Before Christmas was based on.  I know I posted it last year, but I’m posting it again because it’s awesome!

Yours Ghouly,

Rachel “Wednesday Friday Addams” Brown

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Countdown To Halloween

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