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Site I Like

Once again, it is time for the Site I Like.  For my first ever Site I Like, I looked at Stolloween and while I really think Scott’s work is amazing, he’s not new on the scene.  Everyone knows of his talents.

Today I want to look at someone who does some pretty awesome things with foam.  Maybe you’ve heard of him, maybe you haven’t, but I have a lot of respect for the guy’s work.  Foam is my favourite thing to work with.  Plus he’s a member of The Ontario Haunter’s Club like me!

This week’s Site I Like is: Hector Turner’s Blackstone Cemetery!

Aside from his many props and how-to’s, the site itself is easy to navigate and has a nice layout.

I just gotta say, Hector, you must have one very understanding family.  If I had that much foam in my garage, I would be disowned!  Take a look at some of his work:

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For more pictures, check out his website!

Site I Like – New feature

This has been a very productive weekend here at the haunt.  I have completed many props and have fixed some others, not to mention I did a major cleaning of the dungeon!  Not only was there a lot of construction going on, but I also had my blog in mind.

I am proud to announce that will have a new blog series that will pop up every now and then, entitled, “Site I Like”.  These posts will feature other sites I like, be it because of the sites’ design itself, or because of the awesome work of the home haunter, store, etc…  These are not just any random sites.  They are sites that I find particularly awesome.  Feel free to send me a link if you think of a site I might just like.

Here is the first ever Site I Like:


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Countdown To Halloween

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