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Sneaky Peeky!

sickkidsFirstly, I have decided to bring the donation pumpkin along this year, so please bring whatever spare change you have to donate to The SickKids foundation.  You can also donate online through my site.  The link is in the menu bar.

As you are well aware if you read my last post, this year’s theme for my display at my sister’s house is, “Pumpkins on Pendrith”.  I wasn’t going to give you any previews because I wanted to save everything for Halloween, but many of the people who visit this site won’t actually make it on Halloween.  So, with that I’m leaking two videos.  Neither of these were taken at my sister’s house mind you, so they will look different once they are properly set up.


The pumpkins waiting to be transported to my sister’s house.  Some were carved by me, some by family members.  Some are still covered in bags.  This is the best I could film before my nephew tried to jump in my way.  10 year olds!  Sheesh!

The newest addition to my foray into projection haunting: The Trio of singing Pumpkins!  They will be performing more than one song.  I suggest you watch till the end, as a special King makes an appearance.  And in case you were wondering, (you probably weren’t) I named them Stretch. Fatso, and Stinky after the ghosts from Casper!  I should also note that I cannot take credit for the animations.  They came from The Singing Pumpkin website.

Enjoy and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me using the contact form on this website.

Rachel Brown
AKA The Pumpkin Queen

Pumpkins on Pendrith!


It has been a while since I updated the site.  I say that too often, but it’s true.  Life gets in the way of my Halloween fun sometimes because apparently if you want to be able to afford food, or pumpkins in my case, you actually have to work from time to time.

Anyway that being said, I apologize for the lack of pictures from last year’s mini-haunt, but the weather was suckish and nothing turned out well on the camera.  The haunt itself was great though and so was the reaction from my sister’s neighbours.

This year, I did not have the time to put up even a mini-haunt like last years, but fear not because I am doing something completely different, while still at my sister’s house.  The haunt will be called, “Pumpkins on Pendrith” and will feature over 25 carved pumpkins.  There will also be Hallowindow projecting in her window like last year, as it’s easy to set up and is always a hit.  I may, time permitting, add some extras, but the pumpkins are the star this year.  Today I, along with excellent helpers, gutted and carved an insane amount of pumpkins.  I still have a couple left to carve.  There will be lighting and the Hallowindow soundtrack.  Lots of fun for little ones, as last year was somewhat scary for my sister’s younger neighbourhood.

I’ve also noticed a larger amount of decorated houses this year and I’m super excited that families are getting into the spirit of Halloween!

Anyway, if you’d like to check it out, the address is 153 Pendrith Street near Dupont and Ossington.  It will not be set up until the day of.

Oh, and in other news, yours truly is not dressing up as Wednesday Friday Addams, for the first time in years.  I have decided to accompany my fiance, who is being Wreck-It-Ralph and make my own custom Vanellope costume, complete with candy in her hair.  (I spent Saturday evening hot-gluing gummy bears and other stuff to hair pins).

Happy Halloween,

Rachel “Wednesday Friday Addams” “Vanellope” Brown

Post Mortem!


This picture does not do it justice! It looked neater than this and you can’t see Hallowindow in this one. High res pics to come!

In haunts past, I would sometimes write this follow-up the night of Halloween.  How I had the energy to do that is beyond me!  Two years ago I decided to do Haunt on the Hill for the last time.  It was a sad moment, but it was time.  Last year I spent Halloween in Orlando, which was fun, but weird, as I was not doing the haunt and I felt strange.  This year I stepped back into the haunt game in a different way.  I did a mini-haunt at my sister’s house.  All the years I ran Haunt on the Hill, people, my sister included, would suggest I do it at her house, as she lives in a much younger neighbourhood with tons of children.  I don’t think she knew what she was getting herself into when she made this suggestion! Read the rest of this entry »

Happy Halloween 2013!


Greetings foolish mortals!  Firstly, a reminder that while Haunt on the Hill is no longer in existence (for now), I am doing a mini-haunt at my sister’s house near Dupont and Ossington.  I would also like to say Happy Halloween to all of you on this most glorious of holidays!  Whether you run a haunt of your own, or just plan on taking your kids to one, let the candy be plentiful and may the rain please leave us all alone!

Normally, this is where I post a quote from my all-time favourite Halloween movie, The Nightmare Before Christmas, but I have decided to slightly change it up this year.  Did you know that the movie is roughly based on a poem Tim Burton created?  Well now you do and here is a cool video for you to watch:

Happy Halloween from Haunt on the Hill!

Have a spooktacular night!

Your’s eerily,

Rachel “Wednesday Friday Addams” Brown

Countdown To Halloween

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