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This list of new props is here!

 Hello fellow readers!  It has been a long summer with little to no updates to this site.  Fear not, I have not abandoned ship.  It has just taken me a while to sort out exactly what I wanted to do for Halloween 2011.  In fact, I’m considering whether or not to go out with a bang, or keep the haunt going.  Either way, I have many things I would like to attempt to build and thus I present to you The List of new props for Haunt on the Hill 2011!  Whether it’s the Haunt’s last year or just the begining to a new chapter, I look forward to seeing my neighbours this Halloween!





  • New fence sections – replacing some broken old sections
  • Window ghost – my own take on the flying crank ghost, without the crank!
  • Monster in a box – just what it says: a box, a monster, and lots of screams!  This will be my first attempt at using motion sensors!
  • New tombstone – like every year, I shall build a new tombstone.  Planning a big one with a twist!
  • Updates to the mad lab – including a frame for the back wall, new things for the Dr. to play with, and much more.
  • new donation box – replacing the broken donation reaper, will be a totem pole of pumpkiny goodness!
  • Possibly a major change to the electric chair that makes it more trick-or-treater friendly – can’t divulge info on this yet!

Might seem like a small list, but I assure you it will not fail to impress!

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Countdown To Halloween

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